The Medina Online School is a comprehensive religious education specially for you!

Centuries-old experience of teaching the Islamic disciplines is adapted to the modern Russian-speaking audience. We have collected the most important and necessary and made our best to present it in the simplest way possible.

Teachers of our school have been selected by a special commission. What is special about them:

  • Excellent subject knowledge
  • Successful teaching practice
  • Recognized authority and earned confidence among the Russian-speaking audience

The simplest and flexible study schedule possible, perfect for the ones who work and study in other educational institutions. You may just watch video tutorials whenever you want!

Video content is prepared by professionals. You get the product keeping pace with the leading trends of online education. It pleases and motivates!


The school program is developed for those, who do not have any religious education. A student just starts learning from scratch and masters a full set of knowledge on the fundamentals of the Islam upon completion.

Academic load on each subject is divided into five courses. A student is tested after each of them to check whether the knowledge is successfully absorbed. Assessment of reading the main Qur’anic surahs is performed individually with every student in a form of an online webinar. A student takes a final test upon completion of all the 5 courses.

Нагрузка по каждой дисциплине разбита на пять курсов. Контроль успешного усвоения регулируется тестированием после каждого из них. Оценка чтения основных коранических сур проводится с каждым обучающимся индивидуально в режиме онлайн-вебинара. По завершению всех 5 курсов проводится итоговый экзаменационный тест.

  • Adab

    The rules of conduct that are based on the Quran and the Sunnah

  • Tajwid

    Learning of the rules of recitation of the Quran to avoid the distortion of a meaning

  • Aqidah

    Islamic creed, a form of the iman revelation, a «symbol of faith»

  • Sira

    Biography of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

  • Hanafi Fiqh
    Hanafi Fiqh

    Science dealing with the study of the Shariah laws relating to the Muslim practical activity

  • Shafi Fiqh
    Shafi Fiqh

    Science dealing with the study of the Shariah laws relating to the Muslim practical activity

  • Hanbali Fiqh
    Hanbali Fiqh

    Science dealing with the study of the Shariah laws relating to the Muslim practical activity

  • Hadith

    True reports describing the words and actions of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

  • Tafsir

    The science of understanding the Holy Book of Allah


Teaching methods used to instil knowledge and skills in every student are individual for every teacher. We trust our teachers’ practical experience and creativity. Teaching methods are unique due to a personal approach of every teacher to the subject.


All the Medina school teachers are recognized experts in various areas of the Islamic knowledge!

Преподаватели нашей школы прошли отбор специальной комиссии. Их отличает:

  • Блестящее владение предметом
  • Успешная практика преподавания
  • Заслуженный авторитет и доверие русскоязычной аудитории
  • Ali Yevteyev
    Ali Yevteyev


  • Abdul-Basit Mikushkin
    Abdul-Basit Mikushkin

    Tajwid, Hadith

  • Eldar Khametov
    Eldar Khametov


  • Idris Magomedov
    Idris Magomedov


  • Salimdzhan Domnin
    Salimdzhan Domnin

    Hanafi Fiqh

  • Umar Butayev
    Umar Butayev

    Shafi Fiqh

  • Abdulmumin Gadzhiyev
    Abdulmumin Gadzhiyev

    Hanbali Fiqh

  • Ibragim Makhtibekov
    Ibragim Makhtibekov



In the Medina school you do not just watch the video tutorials prepared for you in accordance with the program, but there is also a feedback opportunity! You may ask questions to our teachers and contact them though webinars and live chat support.


Students who have passed a final test obtain the Medina school diploma. The diploma is sent to every graduate by mail!


Medina is an online school. A form of study is distant, i. e. Interaction between a teacher and a student is distant and is carried out via modern Internet technologies.

Online education is the future! The world’s best universities provide online education even today.


The system of continuous international and domestic monitoring and unique innovative solutions of the Medina Academy special commission ensure a high quality of the Islamic education in the school.

Reliability and quality are our motto and credo!

We are in favor of a healthy competition in the market of the Islamic education. We are aimed at becoming a leader in terms of quality of the product hoping for the greatest reward from Allah.


  • We hope that studying in the Medina school will help you uncover your potential. We offer you theoretical knowledge and a spiritual component, which will make your life full and happy! The fruit of our teaching efforts will be your ability to practice what you have learnt in the right way and with confidence.
  • The school prepares the ones who are eager to continue education for the institute. The program of the Arabic language and other subjects gives an opportunity to move to a higher level upon completion.


To start your education you just need a computer and the Internet! The program needs that you spend only 30-40 minutes a day or just 2-3 hours at weekends. Stick to this schedule and inshallah you will master the program in one year.


Any Russian-speaking person can start education in the school. The program is meant for students aged 10+. Education is free! Enrollment of students is carried out all year round. Start of education does not have a fixed date. You start your education when you register!

  1. You register on our Academy;
  2. You become a student of the first course program or take a test to check your knowledge and start from the higher course;
  3. You get an access to video tutorials, webinars and feedback (questions to a teacher and chat support);
  4. As you learn the material you take intermediate tests on each subject;
  5. Upon completion of all the 5 courses – a practical lesson online and a final test;
  6. Diploma.

Education is free!

Teaching in our school is available only in Russian. Please, switch to Russian to get an access to our lessons.